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Website and Social Media Case Study - By Peter Barnett


A Director of a maintenance company, turnover £25m was experiencing a 10-15% decline in sales and was struggling to generate any new enquiries. The business had spent money on a photo shoot and new brochures and had tried a number a mailing campaigns with very little success. At this stage the company had no budget for lead development

The Objective

We needed to find the right strategy to help them generate qualified enquires, to stop the decline of the business


We coached the Director to help him to fully understand the new media marketing opportunities. We then assisted with the creation of an effective web site that was conveying the right message backed my an pay per click and search engine optimisation internet marketing campaign to ensure that people were finding the site


The strategy beat everybody's expectations and produced 70 to 80 enquiries a week. The business was overwhelmed with enquiries and needed to employ and additional sales person. This generated another £200K pa for a total investment or £50K (including salary of salesperson)

And So
The business was now growing rather than being in decline. The new revenues enabled the business to invest in training and new systems to handles current and future increases in turnover without further costs.

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