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Director Career Development Case Study - By Michael Beale


A senior director of a major ICT company was considering a career change. He had a very good reputation, was making his number and had a good relationship with his boss. He had worked for his boss for twelve  years in a variety of countries and regions. However he was not happy with work life balance and while he could see a career path, was not  inspired by what he saw.


The senior director was the client and his objective was to create some pragmatic career options.


After discussion the coach suggested the client take a business focused NLP practitioner and master practitioner which involved 17 days intensive training and coaching, in this case over 18 months. In addition the client was to develop a draft business plan for running his own business, and a networking strategy to identify and develop possible new opportunities in his own company.


The client became a very good NLP practitioner and master practitioner and in the process further rounded and developed his thinking, communication and motivational skills. He developed a business plan and  found two genuine potential clients for his proposed business.

However while he was networking internally in his company he was able to suggest the creation of a new vice president role, to which he was ideally suited. After some fairly tough negotiation between him and the company he was offered the job, and it was set up in such a way that he felt would protect his work life balance.

He accepted the vice presidents role as the challenge genuinely excited him and at this stage he did not really want to take the risk of starting a new business because of his familly and financial commitments.

And So?

The client really was genuinely excited by his new role, and in the process had significantly developed his confidence in being able to booth be  able to perform in the new role and start and run his own business if the need or desire arose in the future.

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