Talent Management EMEA | Michael Beale


Michael's client was part of the talent management part of the HR function of the EMEA division of a £550M annual revenue international software company.

They had implemented a number of coaching initiatives over the years but had never had the success and recognition that they wanted.

The client wanted to implement a cost effective coaching programme so that she could demonstrate and prove  the benefits of a coaching programme to themselves before they developed further programmes for their internal clients.


The objective was to design and implement a coaching programme for the talent management team that would demonstrate real benefit to them and allow them to articulate the benefits to others.


1. Michael had a worshop session with the client and her team members:
a) So the client could explain and develop how they supported the strategic and tactical objectives of the division
b) Explore the specific areas where coaching would help them add value

2. Following the workshop the client set up a feedback system with her VP customers to measure her  effectiveness.

3. The Client agreed a 12 month telephone and skype coaching contract the purpose of which was to support the talent management team to  improve their feedback scores from their internal clients.


1. Initially their were some challenges in getting the clients VP customers to agree to giving specific feedback about the impact of talent management activities. This was solved by a number of senior VP meetings.

2. Within 6 months both the feedback and verbal testimonials from the VP's were showing that the VPs had bought into the approach

3. Within 12 months turnover of those nominated as 'high achievers' had fallen from 30% to 5%, in addition the number of 'high achievers' getting promotion had increased from 5% to 15%

4. The VPs were prepared to become much more involved in the talent management intiave.

5. The talent Management team found that they had to invest in 'learning' how to use a coach. however after they did so, the benefits from coaching were self evident.

So What

The reduction of turnover of the 'high performers' turnover together with the improved relationship with the VPs meant the department was now in a position to propose a wider coaching programming. Because they now knew how they had got the benefit out of coaching themselves, they were in a better position to advise others.

Michael is a leading member of The Executive Coaching Network (EBCN)