Motivation and Revenue Increase | Jon Baker


Jon's client provides services to the owners of small and medium businesses across the Northern Home Counties.   
Company sales had dropped and were running at about £40,000pa, morale had declined and the owner was unsure of what to do next. She had started to lose interest in the future of the company and was doing the parts of the job she didn’t enjoy, which was compounding the problem.

  1. Set in place clear sales and marketing plan that would increase the bottom line.
  2. Improve sales conversions
  3. Help the owner to understand their motivation and desires, so that they would be able to look to a longer term future. 

  1. Create a long term (10 year) plan, which would stretch, motivate and create clear reasons for customers to sign up. 
  2. Set in place a tactical marketing plan that would monitor sales and performance before they could become an issue 
  3. Improve sales techniques 
  1. Turnover trebled to £150,000.
  2. Regular sales meetings and an improvement in sales have increased the conversion rate to 50%
  3. The owner has clear aims and ambitions which continue to drive her forward.
  4. Team members now have clear goals and performance standards, so customer service has improved. 
And so 
Having realised that she could accomplish so much, she has recently reset her longer term vision to one that is much higher. Crucially the vision includes more factors that motivate her and separate her from her competitors, which is helping to focus sales efforts onto higher value prospects.

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