New Business Developmemt | David Regler

New Business Development Case Study- By David Regler


CEO of startup new media company with offices in US & India. Needed to secure C-level meetings with strategic marquee accounts in the US. He had identified the companies but did not know how to reach the senior executives.


The CEO needed to refine his proposition, identify key individuals, influencers, gatekeepers, and develop an outreach strategy to engage and secure a meeting.


Coaching session online to develop his proposition, agree strategies which identifed the key people and coached tactics for engagement. Individuals were identified through LinkedIn, using both the CEO’s and my network. For each individual we agreed the appropriate tactics to engage, ie: through referral, direct , etc. In each instance we rehearsed and refine the pitch.

For example, when approaching the CEO of one of the target organisations, we referenced his recent keynote speech and illustrated how our proposition was a solution for the strategic issues of the executive’s company.


Using the engagement strategies we developed, the CEO made contact and facilitated three meetings within his target companies, one of which secured a deal for the start-up valued in excess of $140,000 within 12 months, which exceeded his first year business plan.

And So…

With the initial deal in place with a marquee account within the industry, the CEO was able to secure additional seed funding from investors and global exposure through PR surrounding the deal.

David Regler is a key coach in the 'Executive and Coaching Business Network'. David's Website: Business Development.