NHS Coaching Programme | Jo Geraghty

NHS Coaching Programme


Jo’s client was the CEO of an NHS trust that wanted to use coaching as part of a culture change programme to improve both the culture of the organisation and achieve their targets.

In particular he was interested in there being tangible improvements to:

  1. The budget deficit (ie create a surplus)
  2. Patient waiting times
  3. More efficient processes
  4. Closer to the community
  5. Genuinely more fulfilled and motivated staff


To develop and implement a coaching programme which will support the CEO’s ambitions


  1. Ensure the vision and outcomes were tangible and understood and that their was an effective process to handling priority conflicts
  2. Identify the appropriate skills, attitudes and behaviors that would support achieving the vision
  3. Design the programme which would include an element of leadership theory and practical approaches to helping the managers and staff improve these elements. The programme included coaching for Directors and Senior Managers.
  4. Develop a feedback system so that the these elements could be measured in a helpful way
  5. Communicate the programme explaining the reasons and approach
  6. Roll out the programme


Initially the programme helped identify a number of ‘blockers’ that were stopping progress, and the CEO and management team had to make a number of genuinely difficult decisions. However within 9 months all the identified measures had shown improvement and were on track to be achieved by the year end.

So What

Because the management team had addresses the key challenges in achieving the improved scores and removed the key blocks, there was stronger communication through the trust.

Jo Geraghty is a leading coach with the Executive and Business Coaching Network (EBCN). She can be contacted through he website: The Culture Consultancy.