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Increase Sales and Profit - Reduced Time


Jon’s client runs a business in the leisure industry, selling retail goods and training services to members. However the hours and other resources put into the business weren’t commensurate with the returns generated, leading to lower motivation. 


  • Increas sales and profits
  • Getting home earlier and not spending so much time at work
  • Becoming a more effective leader
  • Created a marketing programme based around the values of the business owner and the staff.
  • Developed a clear sales process which all staff could follow to ensure that sales weren’t lost and all sales opportunities were maximised.
  • Created a staff feedback and development programme
  • Clarified the owner’s thoughts on his business; in particular the match between strategy, values and goals.
  • The best ever year in the business
  • Improved return on investment
  • Staff involvement and participation in all aspect of the business improved, with them taking on specific roles critical to business success.
  • Staff became increasingly comfortable with “selling”, where they hadn’t before.
  • Turnover increased, which linked with the innovative marketing programme led to the business winning a coveted industry award.
  • Jon's clients also achieved his objective of reducing his time in the business
And so

They are continuing to improve processes across the business and the key elements of business development and looking forward to another great year. In the owners words “coaching has really helped me to improve the business, it’s been a great investment which I’d recommend to any business owner”.

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