360 Degree Feedback | Michael Beale

Senior Level Feedback


Michael's client was managing partner of a marketing consultancy with a £4M annual turnover. The managing partner was concerned that his partners were arguing too much, not working together and not generating the business that he thought was possible.

  1. To improve team working and the atmosphere in the top team
  2. To win more of the business of the type the partnership wanted


After some discussion the managing partner agreed that it was his responsibility to set an example of how he wanted the team to work. 

He agreed that Michael would conduct short confidential interviews individually with each member of the team to get feedback on how he managed so that hew could further develop his leadership and management skills.

Before conducting the interviews he agreed the ground rules with each team member
  1. All comments were confidential
  2. The purpose of the exercise was purely to improve the situation for everyone
  3. Each team member would have the opportunity of working on something they wanted to improve
  4. The interviews were to be repeated every three months to monitor progress
He then asked each team member to give feedback on the managing partner on the following topics
  1. He clearly communicates his views on the direction of the consultancy (score between 0 and 10)
  2. He treats people with respect (score between 0 and 10)
  3. He encourages others ideas (score between 0 and 10)
  4. He makes it clear when certain actions needed to be completed and when they they were purely suggestions. (score between 0 and 10)
  5. What he does well to encourage new business and team working?
  6. What could be improved?


The feedback sessions were longer than anticipated and triggered one of the team members to move on.

When collated the feedback gave the managing partner the opportunity to come up with a simple development plan to be clearer in expressing what he expected from the team, and to listen and encourage  others views.

The effect on team working for the remaining team was dramatic. Each member was more enthusiastic and between them generated five new possible revenue streams.

And So

Within six months the turnover of the consultancy had increased by an additional £1M and motivation and enthusiasm had continued to rise.

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