High Growth in Professional Firm | Jon Baker


Jon's client was a small, modern, professional accounting firm, revenue circa £3M pa which had been consistently growing at 10% pa. The owner wanted to grow the firm further, but it was becoming harder to get each extra bit of growth.

Each new client meant longer hours for the owner, and the team. It was also stretching everybody’s attention to detail (which had been the cornerstone of their initial success).

The owner wanted to double the size of the firm, AND have more time off to spend with her family.


To set out a clear plan and vision for quality, growth and excellence that will pull everybody together and allow the firm to increase its growth rate – without compromising service.


The coach initially spent time helping the owner develop a vision and strategy so she could understand herself and her aims more. More importantly the vision needed to show , what it meant to her and her team.

They then worked on how the firm manages clients, so they get more value and improving processes so client service could be enhanced.

held a coaching session with the team, without the general manager being present. This was to facilitate an improvement the team’s motivation, communication and sales skills. In addition it was to see if the coach could successfully work with the team.


The growth rate has accelerated, they are picking up higher profile clients and most importantly the team are all enjoying the challenge – so service levels have improved again.

And so

The team are working well, with a lot more energy that they're generating themselves and the firm is now growing at 23% pa - with a growing list of of potential high quality future prospects.

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