Realising Leadership Potential | Ania Lichota


Ania’s client was an executive team lead from the Front Office of one of the global banks, who just joined a new company.

He started off with: ‘I got only 20% of salary increase and same grade in the hierarchy. I don’t know what to do; people don’t recognise my potential, I should have gotten more responsibilities, staff to manage, I feel ready, I bring so much knowledge and experience with me, I am still underpaid compared to the market.’

A dedicated, intelligent, hard working leader who wanted to be discovered and given permission to lead up to his full potential.


The first objective was to help the client distinguish how he was giving power over his perceived capabilities and his destiny to other people and assist him in re-gaining control over what he was projecting to others as his leadership potential.

The second part was to enable his leadership coaching style to ready him for a bigger role he was aiming for.


After analysis of the Emotional Intelligence profile and 360 interviews feedback collected by the coach the area of leadership and personal challenges were identified.

Over the next seven sessions the work focused on bridging the gap between where the self-belief was and where it needed to be for the client to project his abilities and full strengths in the way that his superiors could read. Work was also done on self-presenting as a senior leader and an ease of use of the new executive language.

As for the leadership style we have built a system of monthly feedback loop from the client’s team to inform him almost ‘live’ as to how people were perceiving and responding to his style and the things he was aiming to address or introduce. It provided a great platform for him and his team future growth.


A change of perspective occurred where the client started to manage what was being perceived by others rather than relying on people spotting his virtues. In the leadership style he started to invest in his team and develop them in a focused way so his leadership potential started to fully come out.

And so

Three years after the first session, the client has doubled+ his income, became a head of operations with sign of authority, manages a large diverse team, took a plunge to have a son and is on the leadership trajectory he dreamed of.


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